Meet the Band

What's it like being part of the Band?

Name: Chris

Musical Director

I have been MD for SCB since 2012. I believe by making music at Slinfold, as well as with other groups, I can get performances from people that they never thought possible. This is all done in a relaxed and informal fashion, but with an underlying striving to "get it right".

There is much personal satisfaction in using my experience to show people the "tricks of the trade" and in sharing my knowledge gained over the last three decades playing with Britain's leading orchestras, opera and ballet companies and working on various West End shows.

Name: Andrew

Instrument: Bb Clarinet

I bought my first clarinet in 1982 and then used an inheritance from my grandfather, a music lover, to upgrade to a wooden Buffet in 1991. But after a lapse of many years, I only started playing again in 2015.

My wife Jayne and I joined the Slinfold Concert Band in 2017 having seen their banner while out walking. Previously we played together at retirement homes – we love a captive audience!

I am a 3rd clarinetist and unlikely to advance further. But, although I rarely get to play the actual tune, I enjoy being part of the Band. I like that we play such a wide range of tunes from many genres and I particularly enjoy playing movie music and swing.

What appeals to me about the band is that it welcomes people of all ages and abilities and, whilst always taking the music seriously, manages to be a relaxed and fun environment in which to play music with other people.

Name : Graham

Main Instrument: Tuba

There are many pathways leading to membership of a concert band and I took a fairly circuitous one!

I joined my local brass band aged 14. Initially I played in the junior band, moving onto 2nd trombone in the main band, having been given informal lessons by a band member. I gave up playing in a band after leaving School and for the next 19 years had ‘a blow’ hither and yon whilst travelling the world as an RAF pilot.

In 1986 I joined Dan Air and flew with a Captain who ran a jazz band lacking a trombonist. This was my introduction to the world of traditional New Orleans jazz.

In 2012 I discovered that Slinfold Concert Band had lost both of its Euphonium players. I bought an instrument, had some refresher lessons, then joined.

A couple of years ago the band was fortunate to gain two more Euphonium players, allowing me to move to the back row to augment the Bass section on Tuba.

I find it very rewarding being a member of Slinfold Concert Band, where music and friendship vie for ‘Top Billing’.

Name : Alex

Main Instrument: Trumpet

I joined the Slinfold Concert Band in 2016. I started learning at primary school when I was 8 years old where I did my grades and joined the the school band, a local band and orchestras.

The Slinfold Concert Band has a done a lot for me. I re-discovered my love for the trumpet and gigs with the band as I had just had my braces off! Slinfold was also my saviour in covid times, during which we continued to rehearse via Zoom and I also became part of the covid team, which helped the band get back to live rehearsals after the lockdowns. That really helped me as it felt I was doing something useful. 

It's just brilliant being able to play music on my own or to contribute to the amazing music we play in the band. I would definitely advise anyone who has a love for music to go ahead with it because I find it all just so magical, brilliant and fun!

Name : Jane

Main Instrument: Saxophone

Apart from having piano lessons as a child and trying to play the guitar as a teenager, I did not play any music at all until I noticed a course called "Saxophone Playing for Beginners" in a booklet advertising local adult education classes. I immediately hired a saxophone, signed up for the course and haven't looked back.

I play a variety of genres of music in several groups including SCB. I love the "buzz" I get from being part of a group in which everyone plays their part to produce a sound that gives pleasure to others. A highlight for me is seeing the delight on children's faces when we play at gigs and it's better still if they start dancing!

I would urge anyone who is tempted to start playing a musical instrument to give it a go. Hiring an instrument, online, private or group lessons are all options. Once you've mastered the basics, it's then time to reap the benefits of playing with others. There are several community groups, bands and orchestras around that, like Slinfold Concert Band, are welcoming, non-judgmental and supportive.

Name : Margaret

Main Instrument: Clarinet

I have been playing in Slinfold Concert Band sonce May 2008. I was looking for a music ensemble after a break of almost 30 years from paying regularly. My husband worked with the lead clarinetist, who said there was a space for a clarinet player and welcomed me on my very first visit.

I learnt the piano from the age of six and then the clarinet from 11 and had lessons in both instruments, eventually achieving grade 8 in both. These were taught classically, which has shaped my playing. During my school years I played in the school orchestra and also with the borough band.

For me, playing in a band is a wonderful way of enjoying music with other people. It is also a gerat way to de-stress from work and other pressures, really connecting with th eemotions. SCB is a great group of people - diverse and incredibly welcoming - and I have made some good friends through the band.. In 2009 my daughter joined the band as there was a need for trumpet players at that time and she has also enjoyed the experience.

Joining the Band

Slinfold Concert Band is always keen to hear from new people who want to join the Band.  We welcome players of any brass and woodwind instruments and percussion.  At the moment we really need:

Please click here for more information about playing standard and rehearsal times and feel free to e-mail our chairman Graham: