Real Rehearsals Re-starting

Photo of Slinfold Concert Band rehearsing in Covid-secure conditions

The easing of Covid restrictions from 17th May will allow the Band to rehearse together in person for the first time in 2021.  We will meet under Covid-secure conditions as we did last autumn with just a limited number of players sitting socially-distanced in the hall and we will again provide a live-stream of the rehearsal for everyone else to play along at home.  But it will be great to actually play together again after nearly 5 months of twice-weekly rehearsals over Zoom.

The pandemic has caused some changes within the Band, with members moving away or making career changes so we are now keen to welcome new players in.  If you are interested in joining, please take a look at the page Join The Band.  In pre-Covid times we would simply invite prospective members to turn up at a rehearsal but at the moment spaces at rehearsals are allocated on a booking system so best to contact our Chairman Graham first at

We are really looking forward to being able to play out in public again soon.  We have recently received a flurry of invitations to perform throughout the summer, take a look at See The Band page for more details.